Question 1- Will it fit comfortably in running shoes and socks.                

Answer-  I put it on over my socks. And lace that shoe a little looser. But very comfortable and a lot of support. I have a ankle replacement do works grest for me
By carolyn & Bill on June 16, 2019

Question 2- I have Achilles tendinitis, would this wrap be beneficial for me?

Answer - I have the same thing and bought this wrap. It does help. Although I did go horse back riding last week and it was sore after. For the price it's worth it. I guess as long as you dont over-do anything, it does help
By kim on September 1, 2019

Question 3- Is this just one or a pair?

Answer- It is just one. I love it, really helped my sprained ankle.
By MadamSwazz on May 20, 2019

Question 4- Is there any latex or elastic in it? I’m having a reaction on my heel, giant hive, and I can’t figure out which brace is causing it!

*Answer- It is made of neoprene material which is light and breathable and wear resistant. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber. In my research of this product, I have found nothing that says that it contains latex or elastic.By Teresa Pearson on October 4, 2019